Facebook Gets Slapped

More chickens are coming home to roost at Facebook. The purveyor of right wing misinformation just got slapped with a 14 million dollar fine for  breaking federal labor laws designed to protect American tech workers. Apparently, Facebook was unable to resist the lure of a low wage imported workforce and decided to skip the legally mandated advertisements for open positions. No Americans applied of course, not having been informed of the jobs’ existence in the first place, and Facebook helped themselves to the cheap labor, over 2000 hires in one year.

Before you feel sorry for Facebook, realize that the 14 million dollar fine pales in comparison to the 29 BILLION dollars that the behemoth earned in the most recent QUARTER.

Facebook is not alone in shafting American tech workers. Companies such as Disney (and a host of others) have replaced existing workers with imported employees, oftentimes requiring the sacked workers to train their replacements before they are kicked out the door. However, most of the companies have the brains (or lack the hubris) to stay just this side of the law and avoid Facebook’s embarrassing slap on the wrist.